About us

Hong Kong City Philharmonia is a registered society and a non-profit making orchestra founded by a group of talented musicians in Hong Kong.  We produce orchestral music ranging from the classical to the modern era, by international as well as local composers.  Apart from striving for musical excellence, we also use music as a mean to promote a culture of appreciation and inclusion in society.

Our Music Director, also our founder, Kent Lee, is an active conductor and music educator in Hong Kong.  He is the conductor for Hong Kong Wind Symphony, the Cecilian Singers, the English Choir of The Hong Kong Catholic Cathedral, and the Diocesan Choir of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong.

Our members are composed of highly skilled musicians from both professional and amateur backgrounds.  One characteristic of our philharmonia is the mentorship system, where more experienced members actively mentor the younger ones, who, in return, has the opportunity to become a musical mentor for others in the future.

我們的創辦人及音樂總監李健斌先生是香港一名活躍的指揮家及音樂教育工作者,他同時擔任香港都會管樂團、The Cecilian Singers、香港天主教主教座堂英文聖詠團及天主教香港教區聖樂團指揮。