Vision & Mission


We believe in the power of music: in its ability to touch hearts, to create mutual appreciation, to inspire the pursuit of excellence and harmony in society, all of which leading to the sharing and promotion of the musical spirit in Hong Kong.


Music Promotion – Conduct quality music performances with diversities, enriching the audience’s experience in music appreciation, and providing musicians with the opportunities for continual musical and personal development.

Achieving excellence – Promote the Philharmonia’s Mentorship Programme, in which the mentors will strive to create a constructive learning and teaching environment, so that the younger generation of musicians will be nurtured by more experienced ones. Not only will the musicians improve individually as orchestral players, they will also be equipped to become excellent music mentors themselves, thus making positive contribution to the music education in the Hong Kong society.

Education Promotion – Actively collaborate with local music education groups to organise activities such as music workshops, pre-concert talks, and themed seminars to promote music education. The Philharmonia also provides internship opportunities to those who are interested in arts management, where participants will gain practical experiences through involving in the orchestra’s daily operation and preparation of the performances.

Encourage creativity – Provide performing opportunities for local composers to publish and promote their works. Our audience will be introduced to a wide variety of creative music from around the world, expanding their horizon in musical appreciation and providing a greater support to the diversified spectrum of musical creations.

Cultural exchange – Strive for performing opportunities both locally and internationally. The Philharmonia welcomes local and overseas musicians to perform together, to collaborate and to bring the musical spirit of Hong Kong to the world.

Music Integration – Music is the Global Language regardless of race and social class.  We offer music participating opportunities for the minorities including ethnic groups, and part of the proceeds from our concerts will be donated to charitable organisations.





音樂推廣 – 舉辦高質素及多元化的音樂演出,豐富聽眾欣賞音樂的經驗,並給予樂手在音樂素養上不斷自我提升的機會。

成就卓越 – 推行樂團導師計劃 (Mentorship Program),由資深的音樂家帶領着新晉的樂手,建立教學相長的團隊文化。此計劃為樂手提供一個持續進修的平台,不僅是為了提升個人和團隊的素質,更進而可以讓樂手裝備自己,成為社會上更優秀的音樂導師 (Music Mentors),為香港的音樂教育貢獻多一分力。

教育推廣 – 積極與本地的音樂教育團體合作舉辦音樂工作坊、音樂會導賞、專題講座等等,推動音樂教育。樂團亦樂意提供實習機會,讓有志於發展藝術行政之人士透過實踐去累積經驗,了解樂團的恆常運作和籌備演出的過程。

鼓勵創作 – 為本地作曲家提供試奏及發表作品的機會,同時亦讓聽眾有機會接觸世界各地不同的新創作,擴闊其視野和提升鑑賞力,支持多元化的音樂創作。

文化交流 – 爭取在國內和海外的交流演出機會,同時亦歡迎與世界各地的音樂家合作,互相觀摩,並將香港的音樂精神展示給全世界。

音樂共融 – 音樂是世界共通語言,不分種族和社會階級。我們積極為弱勢社群、小數族裔等提供欣賞音樂會的機會,而部分音樂會的收益會捐贈給法定的慈善團體作慈善用途。