For the concert on 19 April 2018, we supported the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK).

The Arts with the Disabled Association (ADA) Hong Kong was formed as a non-government organization in 1986, following the success of the first Hong Kong Festival of Arts with the Disabled. Our vision is “Arts are for Everyone”. We believe that people with disabilities should have equal opportunity to have access to, participate in and enjoy the arts.

By working both in the rehabilitation field and the arts field, together with different stakeholders, ADA has organized numerous activities to popularize the arts among people with disabilities and promote excellence in the works of artists with disabilities in Hong Kong. People with disabilities are our primary service users. We also work with the general public to promote integration and inclusion in society through the arts.

In the development of the arts for people with disabilities, ADA adopts a two-directional strategy: horizontal and vertical. The two directions are inter-related and complementary, as the horizontal development would naturally encourage a vertical development.

The horizontal development is a general education and public sensitivity campaign to reach as many people (with and without disabilities) as possible to provide equal opportunity for people with disabilities to participate in the learning and creation of art, and to sensitize the community of the rights and needs of people with disabilities to engage in the arts.

The vertical development is a series of programs to provide opportunities for professional training for people with disabilities to develop and nurture their artistic talents, and to promote excellence in their work.

Our concert on 29 June 2017 raised funds for Hong Kong Unison to support their work for the ethnic minorities in the city:

From Hong Kong Unison:

Since our establishment in 2001, Hong Kong Unison (thereafter “Unison”) has been working on upholding human rights and improving livelihood of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. Unison adopts a right-based approach to challenge unjust institutions and policies which adversely affect the well-being of ethnic minority residents. Such uniqueness has helped Unison build an authoritative voice for the rights of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.

 On our service, we have expanded from handling individual casework to actively advocating policy reforms on equal opportunities to benefit disadvantaged ethnic minority residents of Hong Kong. Currently, our work includes youth development, casework, public education, research, and policy advocacy.

 Unison does not receive any financial support from the Government. We rely solely on private donations to fund our daily operation, and to help us maintain our independence.